Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I opened up face book just now and started crying with all the 9/11 remembrances. Of the many days that have lived in infamy, D Day, Gettysburg, Pearl Harbor, and others, I was alive when this one happened which makes it more personal to me. We are healing as a country. The process is slow but we will "get there". Let us just be mindful when we go "get there" that this is a solemn day and the lives of the dead are to remembered, NOT used as an excuse for a party.
A friend just said that we don't have barbecues on Pearl Harbor Day so hopefully we will not on 9/11. How many of us watched that day. Not wanting to see the horrors unfold but not being able to take our eyes off of the television. I stayed home from work that day. Thank you Sophia for the image.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sample of my second chapter

“Mamma, Delia is here for her reading!” Goldie called, as she opened up the door.
“Oh, potsludge! I forgot,” she sighed.
“I can ask Delia to come back,” offered Goldie.
“No. I’ll be right there. Would you gather some eggs, please?” Goldie had a half a dozen big blond hens in the back yard. “And slice us a couple of slices of bacon each. I’ll fix our supper when I’m done with Delia.”
Galadie brought her teacup with her in hopes that she would calm down enough to give a good reading. She breathed in and out deeply for a while to center and began the reading.
When the reading was over, Galadie closed the gate, brought in the moneybox and began to cook the meal.
Boxer showed up, circling Galadie’s legs as laid the bacon in the skillet is nice straight lines and placing the hot bacon press on top of the strips.
Boxer revved up the level of his purrs. The aroma of the bacon was driving him to a kitty frenzy.
“Alright, Brother Cat, I’ll fix you an egg.”
“Meow?” he asked. “Two!”
“I’m alright. I guess you heard about Mr. Bloefeld?”
“Meow,” said Boxer. “Sounds creepy,” he thought.
Willow, in Galadie’s pocket, twitched and squeaked in sympathy, eliciting a growl from Boxer.
He and the wand had never gotten along. “Stupid branch!”
“Thank you, Willow,” said Galadie. Boxer stuck his tail high, turned his back and stalked away, until he got to the ladder to the loft, up he sprinted
Galadie thought about Simon as she cut several think slices of bread. Who would want to kill Simon? She thought. He seemed like such a nice man. She had known him for years. Since moving to Westfaul he had helped her and Nomanna with fish when money was tight.
She buttered the bread and laid it on a metal grate just a little off the fire to toast. The bacon was nice and crisp, and the eggs were ready to pour into the skillet. Normally, for supper eggs, she would add some onion and fresh buffalo cheese, but tonight she just wanted to get her daughter fed. And try to forget about what I saw today, she thought. Maybe instead I’ll think about that handsome sheriff.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


WHY IS IT ALWAYS CORN?????Children of the Corn parts 1 to a million
Messengers 2: The Scarecrow

And then the X Files Movie in 1998 ..... corn.... Testing corn to infect humans.. or was it aliens?

The Stand ... what did Mother Abigale see in her corn?rats and Randal Flag The Walkin Dude

But then there is always Field of Dreams. He tore up his corn field and ghosts came out of it.

but I think I've made my point..

Why is it always CORN?