Thursday, March 24, 2011

March 25. 11

Watching the Midday news.. yech. Frankly everything is yech today.. well my stomach anyway. My mom had a flat in her car.. So she called me.. I went to pick her up cause my days of changing tires is past.. We were just going to send someone later to change the tire. When I got down there some young men from the carpet place across the street were doing it for her.

Wishing we could find someone to do stuff around here that you can count on. Guys are supposed to come by today and do some work form Momma... they are still not here. haven't called.

Japan is such a sad story. I gave toOxfam

Says that all of it goes to Japan.

Hoping that the problems in the Middle East resolve soon.

I've got to get my onion sets in the ground.. Been waiting for Shane, one of our handy men, to turn over the soil for me. I want to plant some potatoes too.
I still need to get some egg plant, basil, I'm quite sure I'll find more stuff too lol
I have Swiss Chard, Tomatoes.all heir loom.. about 6 plants so far.. OH I want some Tabasco peppers too. So this is a short up date..

So more to come.