Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tell me what I think

I just heard someone say, the majority of Americans do not believe in the war on CNN.

I threw up on my keyboard. Talking heads, Air head.. see the similarity?
Ya know I took statistics. I know how polls are skewed to fit whatever purpose you want. We only see what the media wants us to see. NONE Of them tell the truth. NONE of them has honor or respect for anyone.
I am not talking about whether or not we should be engaged in an action to bring liberty to another country OR if we are there strictly for our own interests. This is not up for debate and I won't respond to any posts about that. I am talking about truth and representing the truth. Journalism should be about reporting the facts-- NOT an agenda, faction or reporters ideals.

They do not speak for the majority of Americans.
One of the truly sad things is that other countries believe the crap that the media spews. The Ugly - Loud - Brash and Stupid American. Jesus! We are NOT as stupid as the media thinks we are. At least I hope that there are enough of us out there who can think for themselves. I remember now why I quit watching the news. So much drivel to get to an inkling of truth or REAL news.
CNN Called the Ohio republican candidate about an hour ago right after the polls closed. WTF So those people in line can just freaking go home and forgedaboudit.
SCREW them. I hate fucking reporters.

Sorry about syntax and grammar but I'm pissed.