Thursday, February 21, 2008

New photos of my stuff

One set of Runes in a dark brown clay and only glazed in the engraving. I usually sell Runes and bag for $25 USD.
Another bag of Runes, this time made with speckled buff which is now the only type clay that I use. These are glazed, which is a first for me.
This is one of my carvings. A grotto with little pools.I have more photos if anyone is interested.

Knitting with plastic grocery bags and mason line. This is actually a small purse I made for my granddaughter, but I think that this type of knitting would be good for door mats.

Socks. I ripped out the other one I was making and re knitted them. Problem right now I am trying to figure out the heel.
Lastly an apple pie I made at Christmas. It was very tasty. I added a little orange juice to it.. mmmmmm