Friday, November 28, 2008

Turkey day over

And I'm glad. It was fun cooking but it will be nice to have the month break from the EXTREME cooking.
The blanket I made for the baby gift is not going to work. I have a problem with the edges being too loose. I am going to just rip it out and start over. Plus it is not sized right.

I have not worked on the kids items. I told them that it would take longer to get them made for them so Next Christmas.

I am going to have to get this house straightened up before I can comfortable do arts and crafts.

I was getting a handle on it but with the guys here working on the shower and Thanksgiving ....all the cooking and planning.... my poor confused mind could only concentrate on one thing at a time. And then there is my addiction.

Christmas shopping for my Granddaughter. The kids won't get anything this year.