Thursday, November 1, 2007


This is a hooded poncho I made for my granddaughter. Sadly it was lost in Katrina, along with everything my granddaughter had at her dad's house. I had painted her pictures and made her various things as did her great grandma. GLADLY she survived. That is the most important thing.

I am in the process of deciding what I want to try and make her for Christmas.. It may be too late as I am rather slow.

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On a different note. I tried working on something from my stash..
Knit from your stash knitathon
got about 3 inches done and dropped the stitches and could't find them due to the nature of the eyelash yarn I was using. bleh.
so I had to throw the entire mess away because it wouldn't un ravel again due to the nature of the eyelash yarn. I am attempting it again, however, after sanding my aluminum needles so the yarn won't slip off so easily.