Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Stolen Book

Have you ever had a book that you loved? Then you loan it to someone who solemnly swear to return the book. You know what's coming yet don't you?

Yea.. she never returned it and then pretty much denied having it.

Over the span of 25 or so years I forgot the name of the book but nevertheless, I never forgot the subject: Particularly because of the subject matter.
Sculptural cakes. I know right?!

Sculptured cakes are so popular now, but I got the book back in the late 70's or early 80's. I used to make them for my kids birthdays and Christmas.

Then she "stole" it from me. I've looked for it several times online but I could never find it. I found new books and not so new books on sculptured cakes. I found directions online for making sculptured cakes.

Well today I sat down with an intensity in my searching fingers. I went to the Library of Congress site. I typed in cakes. Guess what?!


Creative Cakes By Stephanie Crookston

I found it on Amazon and ordered that puppy. I am so excited. It's not as heavy on the rolled fondant like a lot of the newer books are. Not like the ones we see on Ace of Cakes or the cake challenges on Food Network.

However it's neat that I found it and I can prove that HEY I was making these cakes years before they were the Big Thang in cake decorating.


Surgery is about two months old. I finally had my appointment with the chemotherapy doctor and the radiation therapist. I will not have radiation until I am done with the chemotherapy in about 4 to 6 months.. depending what kind of chemo he decides that I need.

I know that these things take time.. but I want to get this over with. Its limbo. At least now I know what the game plan is. We are just waiting on the results of the new test they are running on the tumor that they took out of me. They have to see which drugs will take care of it.

I am very tired now.. so I am closing.. Peace