Monday, November 10, 2008


Beginning to get somewhat chilly. I am knitting a blanket for a baby gift using big needles to make it go faster. But I did miss the shower yesterday. The baby is not due for about 3 more months however so I have some time. Using acrylic yarn, double strand and keeping white as a constant in all the colors. Pale green, pink/purple and green/pink blended yarns in a stockinette stitch.

This is our Velcro. Takin a break in my desk drawer. It's usually Sox in drawers and such.

Sox sleeping on top of the little cave thing I got them at Pet Smart. He is covering his eyes to keep out the light.

Loaf of home made wheat bread I happen to be making a loaf as I speak.
I mix it up in the bread machine and let it rise, then take it out put it in loaf pans , let rise again and then bake.
This is a really good recipe. So good that I mixed up lots of batches, sans the yeast, molassas, oil and milk. So I can make it quicker.
I use part white and part whole wheat plus some xanthan gum and wheat gluten. The texture is wonderful and not crumbly at all like home made bread sometimes is.

Carrie's sweater back almost finished and Roy's bedspread blocks.
still have a long way to go on them both. I hope I have them done by NEXT Yule.