Sunday, August 8, 2010

August Update

I start radiation Tuesday the 10th. Last Wednesday I went to the radiation center and got my tattoos but I can't find one of them. I don't think it took. They are just one little pin prick on my stomach. There is one on my left side, one on my stomach but I can't find the one on my right side.

I am still sore, red and bruised at the surgery site. The surgery was done in April and it's still there. My surgeon says it looks good though so I'll take her word for it.

The great tomato Topsy Turvey experiment has failed miserably. Do not try them.. In fact the only things doing well in the pots are the herbs. Here in Texas you have to water at least once a day preferably twice. I however have been quite lazy of late. I think I'll try maybe and re-pot the tomatoes and move the herbs closer to the house.

What with the Chemo and the Chronic Fatigue I just don't feel like even watering. Luckily Roy has been here to help with the chickens and ducks. By the time he goes to A & M I'll be well enough to take over his jobs.

I have been feeling much better since I finished chemo, I started taking all my supplements again. My Oncologist Dr Encarnacion, said not to take anti oxidants
or vitamin c, So I basically quit everything but calcium and my prescription meds.
I have to say that since I started taking ginkgo baloba and lecithin I feel more aware. I take evening primrose oil and black cohosh for the hormone's that I cannot take. Vitamin c, calcium with d and magnesium, hylauronic acid and glucosomine/chondroiten with MSM for my joints, plus asprin, and various and sundry other stuff.. OH and milk thistle for my liver because of the diabetes and cholesterol meds that I take. WOW!!!

I KNOW!!!!! But you know I feel so much better now.

I am hoping too that the anti oxidants and milk thistle will help cleanse my system of the chemo faster.

My husband pulled a muscle under his arm at work. So he had to go to the doc. Wrap it and take pain killers.

He got a new job at his work. A lateral placement. Same rate and pay grade, but he loves it. New fancy cubicle and a window@@@@!!!!! A window!!!!

Roy is doing good in school except for the bitch of a Comp 1 teacher.. she doesn't like him. And she may kick him off the honor roll because of it.

Carrie has gotten approved to substitute teach in the Long Beach schools and also has gotten enrolled at Southern in Long Beach. I'm glad that she is back on the school track.

And Unity is wonderful. She is such a smart kid and funny.
She will be in the 4th grade? 10. I don't know I can't keep up with it. She is in the gifted program and plays hockey.

I think someone should suggest to the schools on the coast to instate a field hockey program so that more interest in the hockey team will be generated besides a lot of the colleges have field hockey.

My best friend from high school's husband has colon cancer so I am thinking good thoughts for them.
My cousin has it too so Keeping a good thought for her.
Blessed Be

Well I have nothing relevant to say just wanted to write about what's going on.. No earth shattering thoughts on the world or economy.