Monday, May 2, 2011

Ding Dong

First of all I have to say that I LOVED watching the Royal Wedding. I watched Charles and Diana get married, divorced, die (Diana). William and Cathrine seem to really love each other. It was such a Beautiful happy day. I so want to make one of those biscuit cakes. Coincidentally I made a fruit cake for our wedding a small one to pass around during the hand fasting.

The wedding however, was marred by the sadness here at home with all the death due to the tornadoes. So terrible and so soon after the fires in Texas and the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Then almost immediately to find out Osama is dead. Perhaps it is "wrong" to be happy over the death of someone.but, for the families of the THOUSANDS of human beings with families and loved ones there is justice. So for all of you that think maybe we should not be joyous read: World Trade Center 2001 and World Trade Center 1993 Not to mention U S Embassy bombing

(This is according to Widipedia...)

he admitted guilt for the murder of Rabbi Meir Kahane in New York on November 5, 1990.

In Sudan, bin Laden established a new base for mujahideen operations in Khartoum. He continued his verbal assault on King Fahd of Saudi Arabia, and in response, on March 5, 1994, Fahd sent an emissary to Sudan demanding bin Laden's passport. His family was persuaded to cut off his $7 million a year stipend.

By now bin Laden was strongly associated with Egyptian Islamic Jihad (EIJ), which made up the core of al-Qaeda. In 1995 the EIJ attempted to assassinate Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. The attempt failed, and the EIJ was expelled from Sudan.

As a result of his dealings in and advocacy of violent extremist jihad, Osama bin Laden lost his Saudi citizenship in 1994 and was disowned by his billionaire family.
Sudan also began efforts to expel bin Laden.

It is believed that the first bombing attack involving bin Laden was the December 29, 1992 bombing of the Gold Mihor Hotel in Aden in which two people were killed.

He funded Luxor Massacre

Then there is this":Another successful attack was carried out in the city of Mazar-e-Sharif in Afghanistan. Bin Laden helped cement his alliance with the Taliban by sending several hundred of Afghan Arab fighters along to help the Taliban kill between five and six thousand Hazaras overrunning the city." The Hazaras .

Well why don't you just go to wiki and read the whole thing-

But the last thing I'd like to mention is the bombing of the Cole

That is at least 4 attacks on the Unites States.
So am I sad or torn up about the death of Osama Bin Laden?


more....getting stuff off my chest
This pertains mostly to Face Book and email.
No more will I put up with insulting political remarks, No more ...

I am not pulling punches anymore. If you are a raving christian fanatic, I will probably Un friend you. I don't scream about my beliefs all over Face book. I don't insult your sensibilities with dogma. I don't feel the need to preach my religion with every breath. I know the bible and the way you guys do it, ain't what those guys meant. I'm not even going to go into the fact that the old dudes at The Council of Trent picked those books and much much more went in a vault. I am all for freedom of speech,freedom of religion but I am also for un-friend-ing people who continually offend my brain. I respect your right to believe ... but please respect my right to believe what I want.
And the same goes for what I said before ... raving remarks like one that said I voted for Obama because I didn't want to be a racist - that I should vote for someone else next time to prove I'm not an idiot. I take offense to that. I didn't make jokes or insulting remarks about Bush. It's just not what I do. Have some respect for people in cyberspace.. Realize that everyone does not believe you do.
Grow up.

Don't insult me, my beliefs, my religion, my sensibilities, I don't have time or energy to be upset by you.