Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Garden, Knitting and Kevin

I kept this tomato around so long I didn't even get to eat it.

Kevin is home. Sick of course. Every time he goes away for the Seabee's he comes home sick or is sick while he's away. But we had a good day in town on Monday. We went to the movies, Incredible Hulk, which was actually pretty good. I wanted to see The Happening or Ironman, but we usually do the movie he wants. Then we went to Petsmart and got the "boys" some food and treats. After that to Best Buffet. I got the Mongolian grilled beef and veggies and sushi. We were going to go see another movie but we decided to go on home.
My Big Budder is coming in today for about a week. And I need to finish the straightening.

My poor garden has just about done all it is going to do. These two images are from several weeks back.

I wanted to take photos of all my veggies, the tomatoes were just beautiful and the eggplants are shiny. But I didn't get around to it.

I made tomato jelly (that didn't jell >( but tastes great and tomato pickles that are real good. I also canned some plain tomatoes for cooking or just eating.
I got about a dozen small watermelons.. MMMMMMMM
also rutabagas earlier in the season. Made a believer out of me. The home grown "bagas" are so much better than the store bought. I got enough peppers to use with my tomato pickles and a small jar of (tobasco) pepper sauce.
No squash yet or artichokes. Pumpkins are flowering.
It has been so hot here that keeping my babies alive has been mondo difficult.
I water daily and even then they look horrible by day's end.
OH I took a pic of my enormous sunflower, an old timey film pic so I have to get them developed but will post asap.

I am working on an afghan or throw. Almost finished with my first knitted top for myself. Although I think it might be too small for me.

I read alot while Kevin was in CA, but I'm out of new stuff right now. I read books by Robert Walker and Stephen King lately.