Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Speaking of Tomatoes!!!

This one I did get to eat and it was sooooooooo good!!

It's a Brandywine. One of the heirloom tomato plants I got at Greenlife Nursery in Waco.
I tried a lot of different kinds this year so next summer I will know better what I want to plant. Definitely the Brandywine, Caspian Pink and some type of yellow, Daddy likes the yellow ones.
I like the eggplants that I planted. Very small and thin. They were better to me than the round fat ones.. less bitter.
Rutabagas! I can't begin to tell you how good the home grown rutabagas are!. We got about 8 of them and I have that many more right now getting ready to go into the ground. Maybe more if I think I can stretch the season.
The Tabasco peppers are wonderful. I put them in pickled green cherry tomatoes and made some pickled just to use the pepper flavored vinegar on greens and fish.

And the all time summer treat Watermelons. The vines are working on their second offerings. So far I picked about 12, but had to throw away 4 that got eaten or rotted. Small and very sweet. There are still around 4 out there that haven't ripened yet.

Lots of sunflowers and I'm going to harvest what seeds I can for eating or planting.
I also have some Brussels sprouts that I didn't think were going to make but finally they are. The pumpkin and squash are still hanging on but no punkinz yet.

Disappointments were the cucumbers that never made it, the various bell, jalapeno and Serrano peppers that petered out. I couldn't get the butternut squash or the gourds to live or the poppies. My nasturtium only had one bloom. And of course the thyme died quickly.

On the crafting and art front:

a sweater like throw that is an experiment. I was going to make three panels with two of the short row and one of the basket weave. It's very comfortable and I am going to enjoy it this winter. KnitPicks was calling me so in order to get my fix I had to cut the throw short (lol) and finish it off. I just have to do the crochet trim.

Last is my latest flock. I've lost two of the older ones to the heat and one baby one to a raccoon break in. In the fall I shall get a couple more.