Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I have HAIR!!!

I was looking for a picture for an avatar and I saw a picture of an old bald man in my files.. I realized that it was me with out hair. I am really glad to have hair again.

Anyway.. all my stuff is over. I've had all my post everything checkups.. well I lie... I have two day after tomorrow.. My oncologist and my radiation dr. but its all good. My surgeon gave me some hints about why the skin on my boob itched.. she said the radiation draws out all the moisture.. so to put the stuff I used when I was going through the radiation or to use.. get this... wait for it... Crisco. lol

Anyway I still have some Elta so that's what I'm using. Thanksgiving was ok.. I mean it was fun because my brother, his wife, and children were here .. but my brother had a seizure less than 5 minutes after stepping out of the motor home.. he didn't even get into the house to tell Daddy hello. Had to stay in the hospital another day. He had never had one. They said it could be from many sources.. which I won't go into, but he is better and we hope he doesn't ever do that again.
The holiday was good after that though.. We all had a great meal and laughed alot.
The kids and wife went home and Marc stayed here for a few more days to rest up. Then Roy and I took him home and stayed there about a week.

Christmas was a pretty much non event. We were supposed to have a guest.. and wires got crossed and he didn't come. I feel bad cause I wanted him to come for Christmas day.

New Years was horrible I had words with my daughter and so I was pretty down in the dumps.. for several days.. Still don't feel "good".

My Uncle Dick's (dec) family is really in the shit. The elder brother's wife died last night from complications of Alzheimer. The middle brother's wife is not long for the world due to colon cancer. And the mother of the brothers is dying from lung cancer. Sad Sad. but they are handling it as best they can.

Roy starts to school next week. He was out for a semester because of having to miss too many labs.

Kevin is ok.. but I want him to get some tests run.

The old people are... old.