Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Kevin left to go on a project for the Seabee's Sunday the 24th of Feb. Saturday night one of his best friend's son died. He was a very young man, very. Monday I found out I had diabetes. Had terrible headaches from either the Metformin that I am taking now or because I was coming down with a cold/flu -- I'm still coughing and hacking, with headaches.

Thursday I have a sleep study.. then next Thursday also. I have to get a new Cpap machine but I have to have a new sleep study first.The old machine and sleep study is over five years old, so they make you have a new one.

So yea. Diabetes-- I am cutting down on my sugar and carbs.. Trying really hard, but it is not easy. At the moment I really don't know what I can eat like for snacks. My blood sugar has come down about 40 points already but I still have 100 to go.

Kevin is home now. Yesterday on my birthday. I went to go get him in Waco and went to some nurseries to get tomato plants. I got some of the ones I want, but no eggplant.
We went by the bbq place and got stuff for the family.
yea so Im done