Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The drama continues. Alex is having to scrape all the grout out of the shower and re-apply it because the guy did not do it right. But of course he has not come over today and it is almost 3 pm. I want my SHOWER BACK.
I am so frustrated what with the bathroom and the ongoing crap (pun intended) in there. The toilet will not stop running no matter what we do.

So Sunday my mother called our good friend Fred over and we cooked him and Ed his son dinner in exchange for Fred looking at the toilet. Well he fixed it. For a few days..

It was good to see Fred and Ed as we had not seen them for about 6 months. The did so much work around here for such a long time. We feel as if they are family.
Monday morning I got a phone call from Ed at about 5 am. Fred had a heart attack and died. I am positively devastated about it. He gave me a big hug on Sunday and said HEY Sis.

I just can't believe that he was in this house walking around one day and then a few hours later.. will never be here again. Never.

We went to the viewing last night. There were not a lot of people there. But the one's that were there really loved that man. He was such a good guy. Helped everyone he could. Practically adopted a young woman, her husband and children as his own. Everyone who knew him knew that they could count on him. And now he's gone.

The night before Fred died, my daughter was mad at my son so she took it out on me because I was trying to soothe things over. I cried for hours, finally went to sleep to wake to the news about Fred. And then to have all this bathroom construction dragging on for MONTHS. I am not doing very well. I love Alex and his wife. They are also like family to us, but he is doing us wrong about this bathroom. Out of the over a month that they have been working on it. probably two weeks of that could have been avoided if he would have gotten here at 8 am to start work and/or just shown up. I am so upset I can't even articulate how upset I am.