Monday, January 17, 2011


Thinking about this 15 seconds of silence in Illinois. Wondering what the big deal is. You have to be pretty insecure in your own beliefs to think that this is a slight against anyone. As a pagan I have to put up with prayers before or after any type of meetings. You see I live in Central Texas which some say is the buckle of the bible belt. If prayers are called up, I just ask for blessings from the Goddess or the Great Spirit. Or I breath and collect myself, steel myself for what needs doing, calm myself, there are many things you can do with those 15 seconds other than say a silent prayer. Or as the guy just said on HLN... teach about diversity, not bullying, compassion or anything to expand our children's tolerance and understanding of others different than themselves.
Maybe it's because we are such a young nation, but we Americans need to get over ourselves. The rest of the world has.

Ricky Gervais so what if he was critical, offensive, or as Ironman put it, mean spirited. If anyone has ever seen Ricky on a talk show they know how his humor falls. What about Don Rickles? MEAN! It's no big deal. His remarks hit the mark anyway. Robert Downey is the one who played a black man stereotype in Tropic Thunder.

Ricky is so funny and quick and smart. The hoopla over his comments is just media bullshit.

Michael Douglas got a standing ovation for beating cancer.. I want one.. Hell I want two I've had it twice.