Thursday, September 11, 2008

Too HOT and now Ike is on the way!

East Central Texas will not get too much of the weather, rather not enough to make seriously effect us, however the coast line of Texas will take a beating. I have a good friend that lives on a bay off the coast, so I am sure that they have already left for higher ground. At least I hope so. I am sure my cousins that live a little farther down the road have also hopefully take off for San Antonio where they work or to relatives in West Texas.
My kids as well on the Mississippi Gulf Coast will undoubtedly get plenty of wind and rain though not as much as they did last week or when Katrina hit.

I've been knitting and getting a painting ready to start on. And gathering source material for another one that ... well I lost the reference stuff. *SIGH*. So I had to re print it.

Last weekend we helped out at the West Fest a local small town that throws one hellacious part every year. Most of the inhabitants are Czech decent so they go all out with the Polka music. I probably pulled several hundred pints of Coors light and Blue Moon. That's the station that Kevin and I served on. Of course they had Guinness and Heiniken, Bud Light and Bud, Michelobe and all the rest. I am a Sam Adams girl myself or Amber Boch (sp) Actually I'm an Absolut or Maker's Mark girl.
It was fun but nothing I would want to do full time.

Watched all the conventions and as you can see Made my choice.

My Chronic Fatigue has been keeping me at home a lot.